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Wataru Misaka

In honor of Jeremy Lin coming to my favorite team, a history lesson behind the man who made it all possible.

Wataru Misaka, the first non-Caucasian player in the NBA.

Born in Utah, Misaka played a number of years in college before joining the Army for two years. Afterwards, he returned to college basketball and moved pro afterwards.

This man broke the NBA’s color barrier in 1947, the same year Jackie Robinson first took to the diamond. Misaka played in 3 games for the New York Knicks but then was cut. It wasnt till 3 years later that the first African-American player joined the NBA.

Jeremy Lin walks in the shadow of this man. Lin is the first Asian American in the modern era but long before Linsanity was raining three’s, Wataru Misaka was playing for racial diversity in the NBA

check out wikipedia for better information. I was just summarizing most of the information anyways.